Past Lives & Reincarnation – You Would be Surprised to Learn About Your Former Lifetimes

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We once had a past life regression client who, after We directed him into a past life, became mad at us. “I find it hard to believe I was a prostitute in a past life!” he said.

His reasoning was that since he would never do “such a low-life thing” now, he couldn’t have possibly done it then.

While we’re not endorsing prostitution, his statements may imply a belief that a prostitute is less of a person than someone who isn’t.

In reality, we are all equal, no matter our profession, race, age, bank account balance, sexual orientation, social status, body type, or other factors. Try to accept and have compassion for those who are different than you.

Besides, considering that prostitution may be the oldest profession in our world, and that many of us may have lived hundreds of lifetimes, the idea that we all may have been on either side of such a transaction isn’t so hard to believe.

Other clients have said, after perceiving past life scenes, “I find it hard to believe that someone who is so nice could have been so cruel in a past life.”

We explained that sometimes those who are exceptionally “nice” now may have learned the value of compassion, consideration, and love from lifetimes where they were the opposite.

You would be surprised at who you may have been and what you may have done in past lives. For possible clues, examine the actions of others, professions, countries, and groups of people that hold your interest, especially those that provoke emotion within you.

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