Numerology: Numbers Personified — 1-9 on a First Date

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The root numbers 1-9 each symbolize unique qualities and are expressed in various forms, including balanced, over-balanced, and under-balanced energy.

The specific form of the number expressed depends on the symbolic support or mitigation of the other hundreds of considerations in the comprehensive personality and timing numerology charts.

Let’s say a person has a 9 Life Path (a popular modern numerology indicator, which is the sum total of the full date of birth reduced to a single digit). The expression of that one single factor hinges on the collective energy of the others. An over-abundance of 9 energy throughout the comprehensive charts represents a 9 Life Path that may play out in an over-balanced way, such as in excessive sensual gratification. If there’s a lack of 9 elsewhere, then it may represent a too impersonal disposition, for instance.

Although any single factor in the numerology charts is almost meaningless by itself, personifying each of the root numbers 1-9 can help you understand their related energies.

Below we detail how each root number would conduct themselves on a first date. Note: we are emphasizing the over-balanced or under-balanced form of each and you can find out more about these extremes with our Numerology Decoder Software.

“I just closed on a seven figure business deal and I’ve out-negotiated the competition, once again,” says number 1, making sure her date understands just how achievement-oriented she is. After obviously attempting to one-up her date each time they relay a personal experience or funny story, 1’s date tires of the connection and calls it a night after an hour into their first meeting, making a mental note that there will be no second date.

2 asks his date if she would like to hold hands as he scoots closer to her on the park bench. Still secretly with his girlfriend, but telling his date they have broken up, 2 masks his deep resentment about his current relationship and says with a smile, “I’m the most accepting and non-deceiving person you’ll ever meet.” While thinking of how he’ll lie to his girlfriend about where he has been all day, he says “I can’t stand dishonesty in relationships.”

“Wooo hoooooooo!,” 3 hollers. “Bring it on!” Taken aback, her date says “Well, when I said that I’m easy, I meant I’m easy-going.” 3 frowns, quickly changes the subject by asking about her date’s day at work while smacking her gum and twirling her hair. 3 then looks down at her smart-phone to read an in-coming text and suddenly laughs at a joke she remembers hearing. Before her date can answer her question, she says, “Oh, did you hear about what (fill in blank for Hollywood star of the moment) said about (another Hollywood star’s) cosmetic surgery (laughs uncontrollably)!?” 3’s date is pleasant in response, but inwardly groans and feels a major headache coming on from 3’s energetic fireworks.

“No, I will not have the salmon, I want the steak or I will leave the restaurant,” 4 sits bolt-upright and complains to the wait staff, who answers, “Sorry sir, we are out.” 4 insists on leaving and while walking from the restaurant, explains to his date the importance of proper business planning and execution, which the restaurant is lacking. “So what do you want to do for dinner?,” says 4’s date. “Something practical. How about we go to my mother’s and grab some leftovers from her fridge?”

“Look, this bar is way too loud, let’s go back to my place where we can relax and talk,” says 5. Back at 5’s place, while her date is in the restroom, 5 calls another date and tells them she’ll be over in a couple hours, then texts yet another date and asks if they are still on for tomorrow, all while downing two tumblers of booze. “Here’s your drink,” 5 says with a smile and loads of charisma, handing it to her date, thinking of the best approach to quickly get them into her bed.

“I’ve always been in serious relationships and have only been single for about 3 months of my entire adult life,” says 6. He takes his date to a formal dinner because “It’s the right thing to do,” and asks “Wouldn’t you like to see a law requiring everyone to be married by age 30, and stay married for life?”

7’s date looks at her and wonders what she’s thinking since she has hardly said a word all night. It’s like she’s physically here, but the rest of her is off on some other planet. Painfully challenged with small talk, 7 finally gets the conversation going as she elucidates on the irrelevance of peer review in scientific research.

“So, what did your business do last year, pretax?,” 8 blurts out. Always quick to spot an opportunity for gain, he later says “You know, I’m a heart-centered person and I would never be a gold-digger, but I think it’s a good idea if we get serious in our relationship–oh, and by the way, I don’t believe in pre-nups.” (Unless it’s his money, of course.)

“No, I’m not drunk,” 9 says to her date, as she sips her second jumbo margarita, reaches again for the tortilla chips and accidentally spills the contents of her purse on the floor. “I’m in the middle of writing a novel and I’m under a lot of pressure, so it feels great to let my hair down!” “Anyway,” 9 says as she exudes compassion, “I thought we could go and volunteer at the shelter tomorrow since I’m always up for a good cause.”

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