7 Signs of Having Lived Past Lives

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Have you ever been curious about your past lives? Pay attention, because the clues to your past lives are easily accessible. All you need is some direction to find out what and where you were in the distant past and if you take notice, your past will begin to unfold before your eyes.

Skeptical? That’s good, it’s healthy to avoid automatically embracing (or rejecting) concepts you haven’t thoroughly investigated. We were skeptical too, long ago. But through objective empirical research, we’ve been unable to disprove the theory of reincarnation, which over 50% of the world’s population embraces in one form or another.

While it’s true you don’t know for sure if what you perceive in past life regression is simply subconscious metaphor or an actual past life scene (even if you can identify, and verify later, details such as names, addresses, etc. as many have), past life regression is a powerful healing tool that can help you make the most of your life.

Use the hypotheses below we’ve formed since the 1980s to find out more about your past. Yes, the indications are often this simple and obvious.

1) Anyone—lovers, friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, neighbors, and so on—whom you inexplicably, immediately liked or disliked may indicate positive or negative experiences with that person in one or more past lives. Most everyone you know now you have known before, including relatives, children, parents, bosses, and others.

The more significant a person is in your life, the stronger the connection. Our findings indicate that when you meet someone new, you are attracted to or repelled by the connection you had with that person in the past. We’ve also found that the level of harmony is symbolized by comprehensive astrology and numerology.

How about the case of the 4 year-old who claimed he used to be friends with President Polk? Later, the family discovered its full lineage and was stunned to realize they were related to vice president George Dallas, who served in the Polk administration. Wild coincidence or is there a past life connection? You decide.

2) Male and Female: Each soul tends to reincarnate more often as one sex or the other. However, many have experienced lives as both genders. If masculinity, femininity, or being male or female are issues that cause stress in your life, there are likely reasons that relate back to previous lives.

3) Sexual Orientation: Experiencing life as a different gender than a soul is accustomed to may result in homosexuality or bisexuality. This may also explain the spiritual reason for transvestites and transgender individuals, assuming it’s not a case of spirit attachment or possession. In addition, an attraction may continue when past-life male and female lovers return as the same gender.

Also, identical twins have the same genes. If they have the same environment growing up, yet have different sexual orientations, their individual past lives and karma appear to be the root cause of this major personality difference.

4) Material Wealth: It is common to have had lifetimes on both sides of the track. Obviously, it can be more challenging to go from a wealthy lifetime to one of poverty.

Do you have an excessive amount of compassion for the homeless, poor people, or orphans and feel a strong empathetic connection to them? You may know what it’s like from having a higher than average number of such challenging past incarnations, where every day was a struggle to survive.

5) Love life: Most people have had lifetimes where they experienced a wonderful love relationship, and the opposite, love loss and betrayal. Subconscious memories of such times can cause plenty of problems in the current life.

Can no one measure up to what you feel you need in a relationship? You may be unconsciously comparing present connections to an exceedingly rewarding past life love relationship.

6) Appearance: Those who are never satisfied with their appearance may be subconsciously remembering a lifetime where they were more (or less) attractive and, or fit.

Hidden past life memories of a life as a celebrated beauty queen could make you feel less than secure in your current life if you don’t possess pageant-quality looks now.

7) Physical Ailments: Someone with a weak digestive system may have had several lifetimes of gluttony. Someone with asthma may have died a heavy smoker in a past life.

Someone born with a deformed leg may have carried forward guilt about accidentally running over someone’s leg in a past life. Someone who died of alcoholism in a past life may be born into a family in which alcoholism is common, so they have a chance to finally learn to respect and love themselves enough to overcome the pattern of addiction.

In case you’re worried if you are being punished in this life for past life actions, fear not. We believe it doesn’t work that way.

Instead, we’ve found your soul chooses, before incarnating, your main experiences in life according to what lessons you need to learn each time. Consider it to be a series of necessary trials and rewards that can only be endured by direct experience in a physical body on Earth. Fortunately, you have free will to make the most of your life.

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