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Spirituality and Great Sex: Top 8 Hidden Reasons it’s Rare

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Great, mind blowing sex can be healing and transformational, making you feel alive and full of energy, but unfortunately, it’s rare.

Common complaints about sex that is less than satisfying are selfishness, lack of interest, poor hygiene, low energy, being too quick or slow, being too aggressive or passive, a bad attitude, and being out of shape or overweight.

What makes someone good in bed? Good technique, wanting and knowing how to please, a concern for safe-sex, a sense of adventure and playfulness, and being relaxed and confident all contribute to great sex.

All of those things matter, but what can really make or break great sex is the energy or spiritual connection between two people. If you pay attention, you’ll notice the energy connection is different between every person you meet. The spiritual connection also includes subconscious memories of how your souls knew each other in past lives. Consider the circumstances below metaphoric if you don’t believe in reincarnation.

Here are the top 8 spiritual, usually hidden, reasons for bad sex:

1) You were enemies in past lives. This type of energy can stimulate more energetic sex, but it can also foster animosity, which will eventually kill the connection.

2) He was your brother, sister, father, or mother in a past life. You may be drawn to each other now, in this life, but sex or even the idea of it with him just feels awkward. This is one reason why you shouldn’t try to force each potential relationship and instead just relax and see what feels right (or doesn’t) and is meant to be (or not).

3) You two were lovers but then she betrayed you in a past life by having an affair. This can often subconsciously motivate you to want to cheat and, or cause you to feel like you can’t trust her.

4) You two were nuns, priests, monks, or other religious individuals and sex was forbidden. The subconscious shame and guilt might still be present and cause sexual dysfunction.

5) You experienced a past life where you were punished or tortured for having sex. Subconsciously, you now associate sex with pain and death. In extreme cases this can cause someone to have little interest in sex, or be attracted to violent sex.

6) You had multiple lifetimes in societies where sex was forbidden for anything but procreation. You may have even helped enforce such beliefs. Subconsciously you still think sex is “wrong” and cannot allow yourself to let go and enjoy sex.

7) You are hopelessly devoted, subconsciously, to a past life lover. Consciously, you don’t remember promising centuries ago to wait for him or forever be hers and only hers, but the pact still prevents you from enjoying sex with anyone but that long forgotten love. If you don’t consciously remind yourself often that it’s over, time to move on, and that everyone has many soul mates, you’ll block any love life pleasures in the present and future.

8) You or your partner are experiencing spirit possession or attachment. The interfering energy can drain you, leaving little energy for sex. In some cases an attached spirit, for whatever reason, dislikes your partner. Since it’s difficult to distinguish between the attached spirit’s thoughts and your own, this can cause sexual and relationship problems.

Great sex doesn’t have to be rare; address the root cause for and you’ll increase the likelihood of more satisfying sex for both you and your partner.

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