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Still Single? 7 Possible Reasons

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The most common reasons so many people are seemingly unable to find a long-lasting, ideal, harmonious, fulfilling, compatible relationship may include some of the following: they like being single; they aren’t comfortable with the prevailing relationship models of today; they’re holding on to the past; they waste time with people who are not compatible; they didn’t use the right manifestation techniques; the ideal, life-long relationship is largely a myth; it’s not part of their path at this time.

1) For some people, it’s not that they are unable to find a lasting, compatible relationship. They just haven’t found someone whom they value more than their solitude and, or independence. They’d rather be single than deal with the typical relationship problems, and that’s okay. Not everyone feels the need to go through life with someone always by their side.

2) Throughout this planet’s history, the type of relationship society deems acceptable has varied. For example, at times, in certain cultures, non-monogamy, open marriages, or short-term contract marriages were actually the norm (e.g., ancient Egypt). It’s likely that there has always been a portion of society that didn’t feel comfortable with what everyone else was doing. Likewise, what is most acceptable today (life-long, strict monogamy within a traditional marriage) may not resonate with everyone. Each person will be happiest if they realize what works best for them and then remain true to themselves.

3) Waiting for a lover to come back, resenting someone who hurt you, or holding out for something that isn’t meant to be will waste your energy, cause unnecessary suffering, and block future potential partners. The best thing you can do for yourself in these situations is to let go and move on.

4) On-line dating makes meeting people easier, but an unfortunate epidemic has stemmed from the technology: the long distance “relationship.” You wouldn’t believe the number of e-mails we get from people asking if their love interest, who happens to live in a different state or country and with whom they’ve been interacting daily for months but never met face-to-face, will result in happily ever after. The longer you wait to meet someone in-person, the more potential there is for the interaction to be based mostly on illusion and fantasy. Date locally or don’t expect anything to come from it until you’ve spent months together in the same city.

5) There are some New Age authors who declare you too can “manifest” the “love of your life.” Sure, certain rituals and exercises can help you gain clarity and focus on your goals, but to claim anyone can, for example, overcome all blocks that are preventing you from creating the love life of your dreams, is incredibly dishonest and blatantly snake-oil salesman-like. What’s even worse is when the “expert” blames the client for not trying hard enough when the steps don’t work.

We are certain, based on our many years of empirical research with personal fate, karma, matchmaking, and forecasting timing trends that you can’t magically “create” a compatible, lasting partner if it’s not part of your destiny and karma at that time. By all means, go ahead and “manifest” a companion when you want, but just realize that most of the time it won’t turn out to be a “complete package” soul mate, or even close.

6) It’s not difficult to finally come to the conclusion after years of trial and error that an ideal, mutually satisfying (sexually, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) “permanent” relationship is mostly fantasy. Once you accept it’s actually extremely rare, it’s easier to instead focus on, be grateful for and enjoy the other, more rewarding parts of your life.

7) As mentioned above, a compatible, long-lasting relationship will only happen for someone when it’s destined to happen. Ultimately, personal fate and karma prevail as the core reasons you can’t have an ideal love life any time you want. The good news is that your individual love life timing, like the seasons, is always changing. If you don’t like where you are now, do all you can to improve yourself and your situation and have faith things will get better, eventually.

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