Three Stages of Mastering Divination

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Over thirty years ago we marveled at how psychics could apply astrology and other forms of divination to infer character traits and personal timing.

We began doing our own soothsaying around the same time, and today recognize a general three-stage process in becoming proficient in astrology. This also applies to numerology, tarot, runes, or any other form of divination.

The first stage involves a fascination with it, along with learning the basics. The second stage includes starting to do accurate character analysis and prediction, with many mistakes along the way. The third stage involves piercing the veil between the mundane world and the unseen dimensions, consistently accurate personality analysis and prediction, yet remaining humble because there’s always something new to learn.

It’s okay to be temporarily stuck in the first or second stage; nothing as valuable as the ability to divine the future comes easy. Those individuals who innately possess powerful raw psychic ability that allows for consistently high accuracy, without the aid of prophecy tools such as astrology, are rare.

Every other seer walks the necessary long journey; we recommend the following steps to become proficient in your craft.

1. Meditate every day. All you need is 20 minutes of good meditation each day to set yourself on the right path. In time, you’ll be so accustomed to meditating that you’ll do anything, even wake up 30 minutes early, to get your daily brain opiate release and detachment from monkey-mind fix.

2. Ask for help and guidance from your guides of the Light. Can’t seem to figure out the next best step in your divination studies, and your past or current teachers (if you’re not self-taught) don’t know the answers? See step one above, in conjunction with asking for help from your guides. You can get the direction you need through meditation and helpers of the Light on the other side. It may take a while, even years, but the information you seek will eventually appear at the doorstep of your mind if you maintain the course.

3. Ignore the cynics and skeptics, at least until you’re proficient, then you can debate them (if you choose to). In our experience, about half the people we encounter are skeptical of divination, and some are downright hostile. Tread carefully and avoid trying to convince someone of the validity of your craft; they’ve already made up their mind they don’t want to believe in it, usually with little or no research. One way we like to respond to cynics is, “I don’t believe in the type of astrology (or other metaphysical discipline) you’ve been exposed to either.” It’s often met with silence and, or confusion.

4. Remember that many other professionals, such as doctors and Wall Street pros, have about the same level of accuracy (frequently lower) as professional psychics and astrologers; we do important work too–we offer valuable perspective. Approach your craft seriously and give it the respect it deserves. Also, it’s perfectly acceptable to inquire about the subject’s related life details without having to divine completely blindfolded. Over 2000 years ago, Claudius Ptolemy, one of the early, great astrologers, said this about these topics and astrology:

“…The art of navigation, for instance, is not rejected, although it is in many points incomplete; therefore the bare fact that predictions are frequently imperfect cannot authorize the rejection of the art of prescience: the magnitude of its scope, and the faint resemblance that it bears to a divine attribute, should rather demand grateful commendations, and receive the utmost regard and attention. And, since no weakness is imputed to a physician, because he inquires into the individual habit of his patient, as well as into the nature of the disease, no imputation can justly attach to the professor of prognostication, because he combines the consideration of species, nurture, education and country, with that of the motion of the heavens: for the physician acts but reasonably, in thus considering the proper constitution of the sick person as well as his disease; so in forming predictions, it must surely be justifiably allowable to comprehend in that consideration every other thing connected with the subject in addition to the motion of the heavens, and to collect and compare with that motion all other cooperating circumstances arising elsewhere.”
Tetrabiblos, Claudius Ptolemy (translated by J.M. Ashmand)

5. The most important element in reaching the third stage is discipline. It starts with how you fuel and take care of your body. Avoid drugs, excess sugar, and alcohol, and get enough sleep and exercise. Commit yourself to your craft and work at it every day. Passion for your avocation certainly helps–there are times we’ve gone days, even weeks without a reasonable break, but it all pays off eventually.

After you learn the basics, begin doing accurate character analysis and prediction, and start to regularly access the other side for answers, the humility of realizing you’ll always be learning and encountering new and fascinating information will further elevate your expertise and make it immensely rewarding and enjoyable.

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