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Words of Wisdom: Life After Death

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30 years ago, if you mentioned you believe in life after death, religious people might have agreed with you, but many others would have laughed at you. But now, with so much credible evidence that the soul survives death, all but the most skeptical among us at least consider it a possibility.

Below we list some hopeful opinions on the subject.

“Death is the greatest illusion of all.” Rajneesh

“Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there’s a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.” Helen Keller

“You live on Earth only for a few short years which you call an incarnation, and then you leave your body as an outworn dress and go for refreshment to your true home in the spirit.” Chief White Eagle

“Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.” Rabindranath Tagore

“Death is nothing else but going home to God, the bond of love will be unbroken for all eternity.” Mother Teresa

“I don’t think hell exists. I happen to believe in life after death but I don’t think it’s got a thing to do with reward and punishment. Religion is always in the control business and that’s something which people don’t really understand.” John Shelby Spong

“The grave itself is but a covered bridge, leading from light to light, through a brief darkness!” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there; I did not die.” Mary Elizabeth Frye

“We sometimes congratulate ourselves at the moment of waking from a troubled dream; it may be so the moment after death.” Nathaniel Hawthorne

“What happens after death is so unspeakably glorious that our imagination and our feelings do not suffice to form even an approximate conception of it. The dissolution of our time-bound form in eternity brings no loss of meaning.” Carl Jung

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“Death is simply a shedding of the physical body like the butterfly shedding its cocoon. It is a transition to a higher state of consciousness where you continue to perceive, to understand, to laugh, and to be able to grow.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

“There exists a mountain of circumstantial evidence that consciousness survives bodily death. This is the kind of evidence that would stand up in a court of law. Some people believe that science needs better tools to quantify what consciousness is. Perhaps when we discover what consciousness is we will be on the road to providing absolute scientific evidence that there is life after death.” Jean Ritchie

“Of course you don’t die. Nobody dies. Death doesn’t exist. You only reach a new level of vision, a new realm of consciousness, a new unknown world.” Henry Miller

“I look upon death to be as necessary to our constitution as sleep. We shall rise refreshed in the morning.” Benjamin Franklin

“Die happily and look forward to taking up a new and better form. Like the sun, only when you set in the west can you rise in the east.” Rumi

“Life after death is the elephant in the living room, the one that we are not supposed to notice.” Dinesh D’Souza

“Life after death is as improbable as sex after marriage!” Madeline Kahn

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Words of Wisdom: Edgar Cayce

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Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), also known as the “sleeping prophet” and the “father of holistic medicine,” is the most documented psychic of the 20th century. Cayce gave psychic readings to thousands of people over 40 years while in an unconscious state, diagnosing illnesses and revealing past lives and prophecies yet to come.  

The majority of Cayce’s readings are about holistic health and the treatment of illness. People from all walks of life and beliefs found and still find healing through his information. 

In addition to information related to health, Cayce also gave information through his readings about reincarnation and philosophy, dream interpretation, psychic phenomena and ESP, and prayer, meditation, and spiritual growth.  

Below are words of wisdom from Edgar Cayce.  

“You can never lose anything that really belongs to you, and you can’t keep that which belongs to someone else.” Edgar Cayce

“There is progress whether ye are going forward or backward! The thing is to move!” Edgar Cayce

“When ye are prepared for a thing, the opportunity to use it presents itself.“ Edgar Cayce

“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.” Edgar Cayce

“For, he that expects nothing shall not be disappointed, but he that expects much – if he lives and uses that in hand day by day – shall be full to running over.” Edgar Cayce

“It is thought and feeling which guides the universe, not deeds.” Edgar Cayce 

“Don’t feel sorry for yourself if you have chosen the wrong road, turn around.” Edgar Cayce

“This is the first lesson ye should learn: There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, it doesn’t behoove any of us to speak evil of the rest of us. This is a universal law, and until one begins to make application of same, one may not go very far in spiritual or soul development.” Edgar Cayce 

“Remember that all is One… and what you do to your neighbor, your friend or your foe, is a reflection of what you think of your Creator.” Edgar Cayce

“Through prayer we speak to God. In meditation, God speaks to us.” Edgar Cayce 

“Sound will be the medicine of the future.” Edgar Cayce 

“A soulmate is an ongoing connection with another individual that the soul picks up again in various times and places over lifetimes. We are attracted to another person at a soul level not because that person is our unique complement, but because by being with that individual, we are somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves.” Edgar Cayce 

“Forces of light on earth shall overcome the force of darkness. Complete spiritual enlightenment on earth will occur.” Edgar Cayce 

“Keep the Pineal Gland operating and you will Never grow Old, You will always be Young.”Edgar Cayce 

“Arcturus is the highest civilization in our galaxy.” Edgar Cayce 

“Know that all healing forces are within, not without! The applications from without are merely to create within a coordinating mental and spiritual force.” Edgar Cayce 

“Happiness is your choice to make. How happy or how miserable do you want to be?”Edgar Cayce 

“When you get to the place where you would worry, Stop and pray.” Edgar Cayce 

“Astrology is a fact, in most instances. But astrological aspects are but signs, symbols. No influence is of greater value or of greater help than the will of an individual…. Do not attempt to be guided by, but use the astrological influences as the means to meet or to overcome the faults and failures, or to minimize the faults and to magnify the virtues in self.” Edgar Cayce

“Each soul enters with a mission. We all have a mission to perform.” Edgar Cayce 

“You have inherited (the) most from yourself, not from your family! The family is only a river through which Soul flows.” Edgar Cayce 

“Meditation is listening to the divine within.” Edgar Cayce 

“Birth in the physical is death in the spiritual. Death in the physical is the birth in the spiritual.” Edgar Cayce 

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7 Metaphysical Tips to Give Your Child an Edge

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You can​probably think of ways adults could have assisted you in your childhood so you would have had an edge in life. If you have kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, godchildren, or you mentor or teach kids, maybe you help them in ways you were not. Below are some metaphysical ways you can give kids an edge in this world.

Meditate daily.This will help you be calm and centered so you can react to your child in the best way possible. When​she isold enough to sit with you and focus, you can teachherto meditate too. Think of the head start​she will have in all areas of lifeif​shelearns how to tune out distractions and find her inner peace.

Clear your energy.Spiritual debris is everywhere and children are more vulnerable to it. Clearing yourself and your home will benefit your kids too. 

Don’t drink heavily or do drugs anywhere near your kids.Spiritual troublemakers come running to people who overindulge, and these lower energy forms can target the weaker energy of kids too. But even if you do it away from your kids, you’re still setting an example for them.

Consider a numerology or astrology reading for your child.A good comprehensive numerology or astrology reading can help you realize your child’s talents and skills so you can encourage them in the right direction for future success. It can also uncover potential problem areas so you know what to help them work on.

Notice past life signs.If​he is especially good at something,​he may have done it before in past lives. Encourage​him.An unexplained fear may also be a carry-over, and you canhelp​him deal with it with your awareness.

Pay attention to dreams.Encourage your children to think about what their dreams mean to them so they learn about how the subconscious mind speaks to us in dreams. Nightmares of being chased might indicate troublemaker spirits in the area.

Pay attention to their “imagination.”Sometimes imaginary friends are more than that. Children, usually up to around age 7, are better able to perceive ghosts or lost souls. Sometimesimaginary friends areharmless, but if you sensesomething unseen that is negative for your child, use spiritual clearing to send it to the Light.

Teach your child acceptance.By being an example, you will show him the best way to handle difficult situations that you cannot change.

Teach your child forgiveness.By being an example, you will show her the power of forgiveness, and how it’s for you, not the perpetrator.

Teach your child gratitude. Expressing gratitude for​the circumstances, things, and people in your lifewill show him how gratitude can act as a magic wand to help deal with conflict and bring more good things into your life.

Teach your child to honor and​trust her intuition.This can be with or without meditation. Children often just “know” things. Pay attention to this and help her develop it. 

Teach your children about karma. Help her realize good actions will beget more of the same in the future, and how destructive behavior comes back to you too.

Teach your child about life after death.Help him understand that death isn’t an ending, but a transformation, and that we’ll all see each other again.

Teach your child how to be of service to others.Help​himrealizethat even a small, seemingly insignificant yet loving gesture can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Don’t encourage love life fairytales.When​she is ready to date, help​herunderstand that everyone has many soul mates, each might be destined for a different purpose (not always marriage or together-forever-in-bliss), and relationships started at a very young age are not always destined to be lifelong. 

Turn off the video games and TV.This isn’t really a metaphysical tip, but still important. Help your teens learn basic life skills like keeping a budget, cooking healthy meals, daily exercise, productive scheduling, avoiding procrastination, how to deal with difficult people in a positive way, decision making, and taking responsibility​for their actions. 

Work through your own issuesso you don’t project them onto your child. Heal yourself so your child won’t have to heal because of you. 

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Myths About Mediums

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Dr. Julie Beischel is a scientist who has scientifically researched mediumship and life after death for over 15 years. Her goal with Windbridge Research Center is to ease suffering around dying, death, and what comes next. They do rigorous scientific research and share it with general public practitioners to spread the word.

This Skeptiko video interview with Dr. Beischel explains her mission with the research and discusses some myths about mediums. 

She didn’t know much about mediums until she experienced a reading with one after her mother died and realized how accurate and helpful they can be.

She also noticed there is a large percentage of people who don’t know anything about the subject of mediums, yet ​dismiss them as frauds. 

Dr. Beischel decided to use her scientific background and apply the scientific method to help others understand the medium process, and show more people how it can ease the pain of losing a loved one. 

More Common Than You Think 

She said after death communication is very common, but people are used to hearing it’s weird, so they may not recognize when a loved one is trying to contact and comfort them. Understanding it when it happens can alleviate suffering and make the person more open to it next time.  

“As a society we move forward with science and data,” Dr. Beischel said, and this is part of her goal with applying the scientific method to mediums. The data helps people, including doctors and nurses, and especially skeptics, realize mediumship is real. 

In the past, most medical professionals would say someone was crazy for saying they encountered deceased loved ones. It still happens today, and some medical professionals even classify them as schizophrenic and give them medication. She hopes to help stop this. 

Psychic and Medium Overlap

She found in her research that during psychic readings for the living, it’s common for psychics to have communication (whether they realize it or not) with random deceased people in the area not associated with the psychic or “sitter.” In other words, the lines between a psychic and medium overlap and are much blurrier than previously thought. 

Mediumship Misconceptions

Our consciousness is actually more than just in our body. You only think “you” are in your body because you receive constant feedback that you are. Once you die you’re still “you,” just not in your body. Dr. Beischel said that mediumship is like a radio; the consciousness and communication from another person is not from it, but going through the medium. 

She said that more people know what mediums are now because of TV shows about the subject, but they don’t always show the reality of the process. 

For example, 30% of the mediums she surveyed don’t charge for readings.

Not all mediums are clairvoyant (seeing); some are clairaudient (hearing), some are clairsentient (feeling), some are claircognizant (knowing), and many are all of these at times. 

Some mediums don’t understand how they receive insight. 

Many mediums see themselves as oddballs and don’t feel like they can be open about their talent. 

Other Findings 

Dr. Beischel said many mediums have a higher rate of health problems, such as autoimmune disease. At first they wondered if mediumship can cause disease. Her organization drew blood before, during and after medium readings in a controlled study and did over 30 tests on the blood. They didn’t find any changes, which showed the medium readings were likely not causing the health problems.

Then they surveyed over 200 mediums in a childhood abuse survey and they scored off the charts. She said others have made the correlation between childhood abuse and psychic abilities. It might be because they had to learn to sense danger, or disassociate themselves from abuse when it happened, which made them more aware of or in touch with the Other Side. In short, she found mediumship doesn’t cause disease, but trauma can stimulate mediumship and disease.

Side note: Scott can determine with his comprehensive ​astrology and numerology work who might be more likely to be a natural channel or medium. For example, strong recurring patterns including the numbers 7, 11, and 22, in part, tend to symbolize innate psychic ability.

The Future ​

The host asked Dr. Beischel if she sees the future of technology helping with mediumship. She said consciousness is funneled through the brain. Meditation helps one be more psychic and act as a medium for consciousness. Technology may eventually help us with that state of mind so we can more easily be psychic, a medium, and have access to other realms. 

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Are Near Death Experiences Real or Imagination? ​

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Dr. Raymond Moody introduced the concept of NDE, or Near Death Experience, in 1975 to millions with his best-selling book Life After Life.

Well before and since Dr. Moody’s book, countless people from all over the world have reported having a NDE. 

Most NDE accounts have similar themes, such as feeling completely detached from the physical body and any pain, traveling through a tunnel to “the Light,” feeling deep love and compassion, experiencing an incredibly vivid and beautiful world where there is no fear, meeting loved ones who had previously died, encountering wise guides, no organized religion (what they experience doesn’t always match their beliefs), and life reviews including experiencing key moments but from the other person’s perspective. 

Adding to the evidence is some NDE experiencers giving detailed accounts of things that happened when they were “dead” that they couldn’t have possibly known, such as conversations by medical staff inside or outside the room, or events with loved ones miles away.

Skeptics say NDEs are not really spiritual experiences, but just biological or even delusion. They say they can be explained away by brain states that happen from stress, dying, and drugs, or mental illness. 

Psychiatrist Bruce Greyson disagrees. In a panel discussion of psychiatry and NDEs by, he gives the main differences between mental illness and NDEs. Below are his words from the slides of his presentation.

Comparison of Near-Death Experiences and Psychotic Experiences

Mental illness includes dysfunction, distress, paranoia and a change with meds.

NDE includes growth, meaning, altruism, and no change with meds.

Both include visions, odd beliefs, and changed roles.

NDE usually occurs during life-threatening or otherwise extreme situations. The other doesn’t.

NDE is usually rare and of short duration. The other isn’t.

NDE usually occurs in absence of a mental disorder, intoxication, or metabolic derangement. The other doesn’t. 

NDEs usually follow prior normal functioning. The other doesn’t.

NDEs are specific and detailed. The other isn’t.

NDEs are patterned, structured, and non-random organized. The other isn’t. 

NDEs are consistent across individuals and cultures. The other isn’t.

NDEs may include verifiable perceptions, such as out-of-body perceptions. The other doesn’t. 

NDEs are compatible with religious or spiritual tradition. The other isn’t.

NDEs are unrelated to events in the physical environment. The other isn’t. 

NDE ​is recalled as real or hyper-real. The other isn’t. 

NDE memory persists over time without fading. The other doesn’t.

NDE memory remains vivid over time. The other doesn’t. 

NDE memory retains original detail over time. The other doesn’t. ​

NDE has insight into meaning of the experience. The other doesn’t. 

NDE distress, if any at all, lasts only until experience is integrated. The other doesn’t. 

​NDE has ​a positive exploratory attitude toward the experience. The other doesn’t. 

NDE has the desire to share with other experiencers. The other doesn’t. 

NDE has the absence of symptoms of mental illness. The other doesn’t. 

NDE has the absence of thoughts of harming self or others. The other doesn’t. 

NDE has the ability to maintain jobs and relationships. The other doesn’t.

NDE has the absence of legal difficulties. The other doesn’t. 

NDE ​has increased sensitivities (e.g., to electromagnetic fields). The other doesn’t. 

​NDE has positive ​outcomes over time; life becomes more meaningful, increased joy, decreased fear, expunged fear of death, feelings of increased connectedness to others, and less self-absorbed and more altruistic. The other doesn’t. 

NDE is unaffected by antipsychotic medication. 

You can have both at the same time, or one and then the other. 

One of the psychiatrists in the video apologized for their colleagues in the field who didn’t believe and, or downplayed their patients’ NDEs. 

The following videos were recommended for more information about NDEs: “The Near Death Experience: What Medical Professionals Need to Know” by Roberta Moore; “Life After Life” by Peter Shockey, based on Dr. Raymond Moody’s book “Life After Life”; “Afterlife” by Sir Paul Perry.

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How To Use Spiritual Laws To Your Advantage In Life ​

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Many people claim using the law of attraction can help reach goals. Does it always work? No, because there are other spiritual laws, some that supersede the law of attraction, you need to be aware of in order to have an advantage in life.

Law of Universal Order

Examples of this law include planetary motions, tides, and the change of seasons, and why comprehensive astrology and numerology can accurately interpret personal fate. You can use ​these tools to predict and prepare for future life events.

Law of Soul Over Personality 

Your personality might want to be incredibly wealthy or famous, but your soul might have chosen a different path before you incarnated. Fortunately, the more you calm your mind (like through meditation, exercise, or ​artistic endeavors), and unblock your energy (through Spiritual Detox or other clearing methods), the easier it will be to perceive your best path. When you are on your highest path, the efforts of your personality will be more likely to match the plan of your soul.

Law of Subconscious Dominance 

The subconscious mind stores everything that’s ever happened to you, in this life and previous lives, and it has a lot more power over you than it ​may seem. Phobias are an example of this; someone who has a fear of flying can tell himself he is safe, be assured the pilot is experienced, and so on, but his body and mind will still react like a crash is inevitable as soon as he steps onto the plane. Another example is someone who has a fear of poverty; she might become a workaholic, and won’t be able to slow down even when it works against her and other parts of her life ​suffer. Fortunately, hypnosis and past life regression can be used successfully to find and release the root cause of these and most other fears. You can also use hypnosis or subliminal MP3s to give suggestions and direction to your subconscious mind to help achieve any goal.

Law of Reincarnation 

67% of Americans don’t believe they’ve lived past lives, but that doesn’t stop their soul from incarnating again and again. This type of amnesia isn’t a bad thing, since it helps everyone focus on what’s most important: the present. Still, you can use your past lives to your advantage by going back to a past life when you were very skilled at something, for example, and bring forward that talent, discipline, and or drive. 

Law of Intent ​

When your conscious intent is different from your subconscious desires or fears, you’ll encounter more conflict. You can minimize this by acknowledging your faults and working to improve them. 

Law of Projection

You perceive the world as you are, not as it is. However, the more you understand yourself, your defenses and fears, and the more you try to see ​other people and situations without bias, the better off you will be. 

Law of Destiny or Fate

Your destiny and fate ​(both words have the same meaning) began before you were born, after your soul (not your personality) agreed to the specific lifetime that included the physical body, ​early life family, and related experiences. The karma of your soul, from many lifetimes, also contributes to your destiny and fate, or what you experience in this particular life. 

Due to the unseen force of destiny and fate, you cannot manifest and maintain something major that isn’t at least somewhat ​within its unique realm. But the more you are in tune with yourself and your highest path (through centering and unblocking), the less likely you’ll be to waste time taking the wrong exits on the freeway of fate. ​

Law of Karma ​

This one is quite simple; don’t do anything to others that you wouldn’t want done to you. All actions, words, and intent really do return to sender, and usually not in this life. This includes good karma too. However, not all “bad” experiences are due to negative actions in the distant past. Sometimes they’re just part of the path your soul chose for various reasons. 

Law of Free Will

Fortunately, you have free will to react to fate and karmic situations. If you don’t like something in your life, you can use your free will to change it, within the confines of your destiny, or at least learn to accept it. 

Law of Asking for Help

So much protection and guidance is available to you from the spiritual dimensions, including hints about your next best step for any goal, but you must ask for it and then pay attention. We recommend asking guides of the Light, (your) God, your Higher Self, and any other energies of the Light you pray to. Do not mess with the dark side, or you’ll regret it and forever be indebted to it. 

We hope that by understanding how spiritual laws influence your life, you’ll use them to your advantage and experience more love, happiness, and success.

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Near Death Experience Commonalities

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A NDE or near death experience happens when a body is clinically dead, then comes back to life. During that time, his or her consciousness, or soul, goes to “the other side,” and often returns with incredible insight. People from all over the world of different religions, races, backgrounds, ages and so on have experienced a NDE. Of those reports, the near death experience commonalities, even from those who previously hadn’t believed in life after death or heard of NDEs, are astonishing.

You can learn a lot about life, death, spirituality and religion, love, karma, past lives, and more through reading or watching NDE accounts. One site is the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF), the largest NDE website in the world with over 4000 experiences in over 23 Languages. You can also find NDEs on YouTube, but be wary of those sponsored by religious institutions as they tend to be less about authentic NDEs and more about promoting their agenda through fear, judgment, and guilt.

Below we list the near death experience commonalities, besides being in a tunnel and moving towards a bright Light (which not everyone experiences).

Most felt separated from their body and didn’t feel the pain from the accident or surgery, for example, that caused the NDE.

Almost all felt far more conscious and alert and could experience everything at once on the other side. Senses were much more vivid, with no need for glasses or hearing aids; blind people could see and the deaf could hear. Telepathy was the means of communication.

Time didn’t have a meaning and seemed to stop, as it seemed like days they were out of their body but it was only minutes.

Most sensed or saw loving beings and, or encountered deceased loved ones who looked more alive, healthy, and youthful than they did on Earth.

Everything glowed in a brilliant, golden light and pure love. Colors seemed much more vivid, and colors existed there that they didn’t see on Earth. Landscapes on Earth look like cheap imitations compared to those on the other side.

Most felt an incredible joy and peace on the other side, in harmony with all that is, and were terribly disappointed when they were told it’s not their time and they must return to their bodies on Earth.

Souls on the other side didn’t experience the spiritual and mental amnesia that we do on Earth; they instantly understood the answers to all their questions. Many reported instant knowledge and awareness about themselves, life, and the Universe.

Many perceived their past lives, and some perceived future lives, even those who didn’t previously believe in reincarnation.

Many, even atheists and agnostics, sensed the presence of God.

A life review was common, where they experienced not only everything they had done and said in their current life, but also how their actions felt to everyone they affected. This was often a painful experience, even for those who had done mostly good in their life so far; truth rules supreme on the other side, so excuses and justifications for bad behavior are impossible.

During life reviews, many realized that money, status, fame, and success aren’t the most important things in life after all, but being loving and helpful means everything.

Religious people tended to become more spiritual and less religious after their NDE; they’ve experienced spiritual truth and realized you don’t need religion to be a good person or allowed entry to “heaven.” Their previous religion, sometimes full of so much judgment and fear, contrasted with the acceptance and peace of the other side. They also realized there is an incentive to be a good person that’s more powerful than religion; the understanding that everything you do, say, and think will come back to you, and the eyes of truth are always watching.

Once on the other side, they instantly understood that we are from there, we go to Earth (and other places) to learn (especially through life’s difficulties), then go back home, again and again.

Most gained the awareness that we are all connected to a higher being many call God. They also understood that bad things happen not because of God, but due to humans having free will on Earth.

Most do not fear death after a NDE and look forward to it when it’s their time to return to the other side.

Most weren’t able or allowed to remember a lot of the insight and knowledge they gained there because it would interfere with completing their path on Earth.

Many became more psychic or empathic after a NDE. Some became depressed because the contrast between the beautiful other side and life on Earth can be so great.

Many didn’t share their NDE freely afterwards because they feared ridicule or rejection from those who don’t understand or believe in the afterlife.

Most returned believing the other side is more real than life on Earth.

Get in touch with your spiritual side, gain awareness of your past, present, and future, and much more with the tools and tips in the Direct Your Destiny e-package.

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Angels Are Always Around You

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What if angels really do exist and you’re never alone? Most spiritually inclined people believe in the other side, but imagine how the world would change if everyone believed in other-dimensional beings that you could call on for help.

It would be nice to witness the leap of faith around the globe, but we realize this planet is not and won’t ever be the utopia that exists on the higher planes. It’s not supposed to be, considering the theory that schoolhouse Earth is for lessons and spiritual growth. Embracing this hypothesis allows you to more easily accept what you can’t change.

“The dreams which reveal the supernatural are promises and messages that God sends us directly: they are nothing but His angels, His ministering spirits, who usually appear to us when we are in a great predicament.” Paracelsus

Our findings show that everyone has the ability to access help from benevolent beings on the other side, no matter his or her religious beliefs or lack of them. Angels and helpers of the Light have existed long before the world’s organized religions, and no religion has a monopoly on them.

“But men must know, that in this theatre of man’s life it is reserved only for God and angels to be lookers on.” Francis Bacon

We believe angels are always around you, and their presence can be more easily felt at times, seemingly diminishing the veil between this dimension and the higher planes. It’s not easy to always know when angles are present but sometimes it seems obvious.

Scott’s Experience

Years ago while working out at a gym, Scott felt an overwhelming, peaceful feeling and wondered about the source. Soon after, he realized an elderly gentleman had collapsed on the other side of the gym, in need of medical attention. Thankfully, someone administered CPR and an ambulance showed up soon after. Though he was concerned for the man, Scott felt the most soothing feeling while observing the chaos surrounding his collapse and revival. Even as he drove home, Scott could still sense the wonderful feeling. It may sound terrible to sense bliss while someone is having a medical emergency, but he’s simply reporting his experience, and sincerely hoped the gentleman made a full recovery. His theory is that he sensed the collective energy of the gentleman’s angles and helpers on the other side who had come to his aid.

“It is not known precisely where angels dwell whether in the air, the void, or the planets. It has not been God’s pleasure that we should be informed of their abode.” Voltaire

Time and time again in near death experience (NDE) case histories, those who journey to the other side report, “Nothing is hidden; there are many beings both good and bad watching us at all times. You are NEVER alone so your secrets good and bad will always come out sooner or later.” 

We agree with this sentiment, which is why we always recommend protecting yourself spiritually, such as with a protection prayer or Spiritual Detox. Imagine how dramatically the world would change if everyone believed that they are never alone and there’s a spiritual record of everything you do or say. Some humans would have a painful transition to being a good person after behaving horribly for so many years.

To get in touch with archangels and angels of the Light, and spiritual helpers, meditate daily, even if it’s only 10 minutes. We also recommend regular protection prayers.

Once you realize you’re never truly alone, loneliness subsides, the other side captivates your attention, and life becomes more meaningful.

Our FREE Spiritual Detox Script can help you get rid of toxic energy so that you have an easier time contacting your angels. If you’re feeling depressed, angry, fearful, or having a tough time quitting bad habits and addictions, our Spiritual Detox™ MP3 can help.

If you’re feeling depressed, angry, fearful, or having a tough time quitting bad habits and addictions, our Spiritual Detox™ MP3 can help.

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Reincarnation vs. Eternal Life Via Cryogenic Deep Freeze — A Tale of Two Futures

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Either the soul is eternal and you reincarnate after death, or the soul does not exist and you’re nothing but a body and brain.

According to the theories of reincarnation and karma, your soul will live on and choose specific life circumstances in each lifetime in order to learn and understand on a spiritual level.

Yet there is a modern movement involving cryogenic deep freeze after death to await “reanimation” once, and if, technology progresses to the point of bringing a dead body and brain back to life.

Below we outline two distinctly different outlooks on life—the soul and reincarnation vs. cryogenic deep freeze and reanimation.

Imagine, after a person (or pet) dies, instead of cremation or a graveyard, they are put in a cryogenic deep freeze. There are groups doing this already, and they expect to someday be able to reanimate the dead person.

This approach ignores the theory of the soul being eternal, as well as reincarnation. You could equate a frozen cadaver to a person being in a coma, but at least the person in a coma isn’t clinically dead yet and the soul hasn’t departed.

Not only must technology be advanced enough to bring a dead body back to life, but it must be able to rejuvenate that body and brain too. How many decades in the future must we wait for this to happen? Or will it never happen?

It may be a good idea to first see if it’s possible to put a living person in a deep freeze for months or longer, then bring them back to life. Freezing a corpse may be a futile exercise.

The theory of reincarnation dictates that the souls of those frozen bodies have long since departed, are on the unseen dimensions, and are likely amused at the idea of earthbound humans taking a Hollywood science fiction approach to life.

Considering each lifetime is but one page in the book of life, the frozen body ideology is like being stuck on the same page of the book forever.

Our findings show that souls on the other side plan many core experiences of each life and also the approximate duration of each life. Lifespans are limited for a very good reason, just as seasons of the year are limited, and duration of each day is limited.

If cryogenic deep freeze and reanimation is a viable option 300 years from now, for example, the approximately $200,000 it costs to place your entire body (freezing your head only costs $80,000) in a deep freeze may sound attractive to some people.

Nanotech technology and stem cell research would have to be able to revitalize the body to make it worthwhile, perhaps making the body like that of a 25 year-old again. Cloning would need to be available too, to create a body for those who only froze their heads.

Mixing the two philosophies together, a lost, earthbound disembodied soul could potentially take over the body upon reanimation, sort of like a walk-in experience, but it doesn’t seem very viable to us.

Meanwhile the already-departed soul is experiencing bliss on the higher plans and shaking his head at the idea of reanimating his cadaver; there are other, more important missions to be undertaken, such as the work on the other side his soul already signed up for, and the future lifetimes on other, higher dimensions.

Regardless of how their experiment turns out, everyone will eventually find out the truth: either you’re just a body and brain, or you have a soul and you’re already immortal, spiritually speaking.

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Near Death Experience Case Histories: What Happens When the Body Dies Part 9 of 9

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Do you believe in life after death? Or is the death of the physical body the end of the road? Many people, through a near death experience (NDE) found out what it’s like to “die,” and then came back to life to share some incredible insight.

The Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) is the largest NDE website in the world with over 4000 experiences in over 23 Languages.

Skeptics claim a NDE is just imagination or the reaction of the brain to death. The FAQ page of the NDERF site addresses this issue and many others.

We read through their case history database and are sharing what we believe are the most remarkable parts. Click on the name in the case history if you’d like to read the entire case on the NDERF site.

Karen T NDE 8250 had a NDE during surgery. Her guides told her the future of her life she was shown during her NDE would be erased from her memory because otherwise the choices she would make in life would be tainted. However, she was allowed to keep enough of the memories to, “convince my logical mind of the reality of my experience and I would be given an unmistakable sign that would be proof of where I truly had been.“

Karen’s guide took her to a huge library full of tables and books and spirits studying. Her guide told her the hall held the Book of Life as described in the Bible. She was then guided to a back room where spiritual beings were sitting around a screen in the floor where she was to watch her life review. The most important part of the review was experiencing the impact her actions and words had on others. However, as is commonly noted in NDEs, none of the spirits judged her for any negative things she did or didn’t do, and she felt so sorry about them. She said it seemed the spirits had been with her a long time and also helped to plan her life before she was born. They also showed her some future events in her life, “Some events would definitely occur and some events were possible but not definite.”

Our findings show this as well–your life includes key predestined events, along with the ability to apply your free will toward your goals, within the framework of your personal fate.

Deborah L NDE-Like 7961 had a detailed dream of her brother, who was rejected by their family before he died of AIDS. This devastated Deborah and she vowed to never speak to them again.

In the dream, her brother showed her a white marble bust without a head or arms on a pedestal. He said, “One thing that you have to understand about our cousins is that they just didn’t have it in them to be any different than they were when I was sick. Look at this bust, it has no arms. You wouldn’t expect a person without arms to play the piano or to catch a ball. It’s the same concept with our cousins and how they behaved. They didn’t have it in them to be any different.’” He told her that if she carries anger toward others in her heart, she will poison her own life. He said, “You must consider them as souls who are spiritually handicapped.”

William M NDE 4269 fell asleep at the wheel and his girlfriend died in the accident. He was overwhelmed with guilt and sadness. While still in the hospital, she visited him from the other side as “a classic ‘woman in white’ apparition.” She explained to him that he shouldn’t blame himself because it was her time to leave.

Brian T NDE 2538 had a NDE after drowning at age 10. He was born deaf, but during his NDE he was able to “hear” by communicating with guides and ancestors using telepathy, a common experience of those on the other side during a NDE.

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