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5 Major New Age, Spiritual Mistakes

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Virtually everybody ends up wasting time somewhere along the line in their pursuit of spiritual awareness because the path is replete with pitfalls.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve taken a time consuming detour down a spiritual dead-end street. You’re not alone.

Below we list some of the most common New Age blunders.

1. Buying into the myth that personal adversity doesn’t have to exist, that it’s not necessary for spiritual growth. You’ve likely been exposed to New Age offerings telling you that “You were born only to enjoy life and to end suffering.” As nice as it sounds, don’t buy it. Life is full of important lessons and some of the most important spiritual breakthroughs come through personal adversity. Besides, if life was constantly and forever rainbows and sunshine, you would quickly become so bored that your subconscious would generate some sort of drama and conflict to make you feel alive. The good news is that you have free will within the confines of your fate and you can diminish the effects of suffering through acceptance, gratitude, and awareness.

2. Embracing the feel-good, yet bogus New Age claims, such as “I’ve found my soul mate and you can too in 90 days or less.” Authentic love–unconditional love-has nothing to do with deadlines and legal contracts. Real love happens when it’s supposed to happen, not in accordance with ego-self ideals, and everyone has different love life timing. Also, you have many soul mates and our findings clearly show that most are not meant to be life-long or the most desirable type, but the sort that help the most in your spiritual growth (read: challenging relationships).

3. Avoiding meditation or time alone spent in reflection. Isn’t it funny that in Western society today it’s so common for people to express disbelief at the idea of enjoying spending extended periods of time in solitude? “Like, OMG, what would you do?!” Spending regular periods alone is important to your spiritual growth, as is regular meditation. The inner landscape can be infinitely more compelling than the outer world.

4. Mistaking New Age inspiration, such as “you can delete all of your karma in a blink of an eye, all you have to do is believe that you can” for spiritual truth. Look, we’re all for inspiration and getting inspired (did you know that initiates in select ancient mystery schools would shout “I am inspired!” on cue?), but it better be rooted in truth or you’re just wasting your time and money with New Age escapism.

5. Ignoring the other spiritual laws besides the law of attraction. Although we acknowledge that it can be tempting to focus exclusively on the law of attraction and to ignore any other (prevailing) spiritual laws, doing so will only set you up for major disappointment.

For example, the law of predestination/fate/destiny (all these words have the same meaning) dictates that, on a soul level (not your personality, which you shed at death), you select your major predestined life circumstances of each lifetime, before incarnating. Our findings show this to be valid, even if your personality in this life is not aware of it and even if you don’t believe in predestination/fate/destiny. Nobody cheats their fate, no matter how much they practice the law of attraction. You’re in luck, however, if your personal destiny matches your desires and the better you know yourself, the more likely it will.

Although it’s almost impossible to avoid all New Age, spiritual traps, if you watch out for the ones outlined above you will save an enormous amount of time and money.

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