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Two Rarely Mentioned Ingredients of a Lasting Partnership

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According to Stephen J. Johnsonn, Ph.D., a marriage and family therapist in practice for 40 years and married for nearly 35, “Even stellar relationships lose their spark over time.” In this article, he gives “the ingredients of a lasting, fruitful partnership, and techniques for weathering the stormy periods.”

Some of the ingredients of a lasting, fruitful partnership that the author lists include both partners willing to make the relationship a priority, feeling appreciated, telling the truth and communicating effectively, and maintaining a sense of humor.

He includes mention of a UCLA Family Studies Center study that examined “1,500 couples who had been together for five or more years and who acknowledged having a strong, close, deeply committed bond. The couples revealed six common characteristics:

  1. There was a physical attraction between them.
  2. They were in the relationship out of clear choice rather than out of obligation or fear of being alone.
  3. They shared fundamental values, beliefs, interests, and goals.
  4. They were able to express anger clearly and directly and they resolved differences through communication and compromise.
  5. They experienced laughter, fun, pleasure, and play with each other.
  6. They were able to express support for each other and support each other’s activities, interests, and careers.”

Our findings show that the fewer of the following personality traits one has, the easier relationships tend to be. Our Graphology Resource Key- Love Compatibility– Important Areas of Concern helps you identify these traits:  https://spiritualgrowthnow.com/graphology/.

Abuse–signs of trauma, Abuser-type personality (abusive nature), Acquisitiveness–strong interest in money and material possessions, Argumentativeness, Arrogance, Closed-mindedness, judgmental/intolerant/critical nature, narrow-mindedness, Commitment-fear of, Emotional rigidity, Evasiveness, Excessive Flirtatiousness, Immaturity, Impatience, Fear of Intimacy, Jealousy, Low Self-esteem, Self consciousness, Selfishness, Excessive Sensuality, Sex addiction, Shyness, Temper, Vanity–huge need for approval, Need for Variety (if attempting monogamy) and many more.

There are two additional, rarely mentioned ingredients of a lasting partnership:

Rewarding love karma
When a couple shares good relationship karma, they naturally experience less conflict in their relationship. They will have disagreements like every couple, but the underlying and strong love and karmic bond make them easier to manage and work through.

Our long-term findings show that the majority of couples share challenging love karma, which is ideal for learning life lessons and soul growth. Fortunately, you have free will to make the most of all relationships, and avoid toxic situations and people.

Favorable long-term timing for love and relationships
When both partners have collective, long-term love life timing that is conducive to a lasting love relationship, their rewarding union will unfold naturally and they will encounter fewer obstacles to long-term success.

When both partners lack such timing, they will drift apart, meet more compatible love interests (whether or not they look for or pursue them) and, or the relationship will end (whether or not they remain together) for other reasons.

Your collective long-term timing for love and relationships can’t be changed, but you have free will in how you react to it. Our findings show us that everyone’s personal timing is part of their predetermination, or fate.

But fate and karma must be considered from the vantage point of many lifetimes, not just one. You’ve lived before, and you’ll live again, though your personality usually won’t remember. One sure way to generate future life good karma is to be on your best behavior now.

Advantages of embracing the concepts of personal fate and timing include realizing terrible love life episodes don’t last forever and circumstances will eventually improve, and it’s easier to accept what you can’t change, let go, and have faith.

It’s understandable if you’re wondering how we can say that a bad love life has to do with personal timing. Our theories are the result of long-term empirical research. After seeing the constant and unwavering connection, over the course of more than twenty years, between patterns in the comprehensive charts and circumstances in thousands of people’s lives, we’re convinced the ups and downs of personal fate can be identified with astrology and numerology (but not with the over-simplistic forms you’ve been exposed to, such as “horoscopes”).

Don’t feel bad if you’ve done all you can to improve your love life and, or relationship, and still don’t have a long-term, mutually happy and satisfying relationship; that type of relationship has a lot to do with those two rarely mentioned ingredients that are mostly outside of your control.

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The Most Overlooked Quality That Makes or Breaks Your Love life

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The most overlooked quality that makes or breaks your love life is not bad luck, but personal timing.

We’re not referring to trying to time the beginning of a relationship for success, such as planning a wedding on the day of a New Moon. Our findings tell us that other forces, such as an individual’s fate, trump such triviality.

Conventional wisdom dictates several common sense items that make or break your love life, including the following: you must be receptive to a rewarding love life; you must socialize and make yourself available so that you can meet prospective mates; a good match should share common interests and beliefs; and you must feel a sense of well-being in a partner’s presence.

Just put yourself out there and choose someone who makes you feel good. Easy, right? Not so fast.

Almost everyone who has looked for a long-term relationship has encountered the usual problems, including wasting time with bad apples, and just not finding good or even moderate compatibility and chemistry no matter how much effort they put into it.

Why do some people have such an easy time finding a good match, and others fail no matter what they do?

Eliminating the obvious, such as personality challenges (red flag issues such as domineering tendencies, selfishness, vanity, anger, drug and alcohol issues, etc.), or the subconscious fear of abandonment or fear of being trapped in a bad relationship, for example, there still exists an overlooked quality that makes or breaks your love life and it’s unexplainable by modern science, including psychology and almost all the love “experts” we’ve seen and read.

The one hidden quality that determines your love life is personal timing. Your unique collective timing, outlined by comprehensive astrology and numerology, symbolizes your love life. Extremes are easy to identify. In our proprietary systems of analysis, massive collections of red-flag love life timing represent major love life problems. Sometimes the tough love life timing is short-lived, sometimes it lasts a long time.

Unfortunately, you can’t change your collective timing, no matter how inspired you get. Our findings firmly tell us that your personal timing is part of your predetermination. In other words, your timing reflects your fate (or destiny–same exact meaning–what you can’t change about your life).

Fate and karma are best considered from a very wide scope, as in lifetimes, instead of only part of your current life. It’s one sure way to make sense of the unexplained in life. Your intentions, thoughts, and actions now serve to shape the circumstances of your future lives.

Your love life timing may be terrible now for two main reasons: you are fated to endure a challenging relationship because the lessons you will learn are necessary for your spiritual growth; you are supposed to be focusing on other parts of your life, instead of relationships.

In the case of the latter, it’s usually a matter of the person having favorable love life karma, but having to endure a span of time that doesn’t reflect that overall favorable love life karma. If only they knew they were in a temporary negative phase and things would get much better, it would provide a lot of peace of mind.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “How can you possibly say a person’s terrible love life has to do with personal timing?” Our theory isn’t rooted in guesswork.

Our philosophies are the result of long-term empirical research. For over twenty years we’ve scrutinized comprehensive astrology and numerology charts while observing the representative circumstances (past and present) of thousands of individuals. The regular and unfailing repetition of patterns from the comprehensive charts completely matching the events and circumstances in people’s lives has convinced us that love life trials (and other life particulars) has a lot to do with personal timing.

It’s okay to have believed the myth that all it takes is luck and some effort to have a rewarding love life, but now you should act on the truth. If your love life timing is terrible right now, have faith. Bad love life timing doesn’t last forever, and while you endure it, try to focus on other parts of your life to prepare for better times.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package offers powerful tools to help you make the most of your love life, including 4 effective love life and relationship exploration, discovery, and healing audio MP3s.

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3 Most Overlooked Factors of Why Your Life is the Way it is

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The bulk of self-empowerment coaches and motivational speakers tell you that there are only two main elements that matter in getting what you want in life:

1. Taking positive action
2. Thinking positive thoughts (to attract what you want)

If it were only that easy. There is no shortage of those who do both and fail to live the life of their dreams.

Limited Viewpoint

Such an approach to life is based on a belief that your life circumstances are only the result of two things: what happens in your life; and your response to what happens in your life.

The latter is a presumption based on the idea that if you react the right way to what you encounter in life, you can easily create any reality you want. We are firm believers of the notion that you can make the most of your life, largely by how you handle and capitalize on your life circumstances, but there’s more to it than that.

The former can imply a type of victim consciousness. For example, if your lover cheated on you, would you consider that you (from a spiritual perspective) and the unrealistic expectation of blissful, mutually fulfilling, life-long monogamy may have just as much to do with the issue as she does, or would you take the most common approach (e.g., “poor me”) and blame her entirely?

Expand Your Horizons

If you want to understand more about yourself, why you are here, and how you can best serve the world and yourself, you must look beyond the scope of this single lifetime. Accepting the eternity of your soul, thus the theory of reincarnation, you realize that you have unfinished business (in “bad” and “good” ways) from multiple lifetimes and this is why you (your soul) have returned to Earth.

However, don’t worry about the possibility of being the villain in your past lives because everyone has played that role. As part of a tribe of conquerors during the Middle Ages, for example, you may have raided a village, unmercifully made the captors your slaves and weren’t very kind to them. However, you also saved many lives and helped to defeat an oppressive ruler. What goes around comes around.

Missing Keys

Our empirical research involving personality analysis, cyclical timing assessment (prediction and forecasting), past life regression, and predestination has shown us that there are three commonly overlooked facets to your reality:

1. Your karmic blueprint, which includes your past life debts and credits (whether you choose to believe in past lives or see them as symbolism, they still mirror and affect your reality today, as we’ve seen in countless case studies), as well as key, current life circumstances and personality characteristics, some alterable, and some not.

2. Your unique timing, which is linked to your karmic blueprint/life structure. Everyone’s timing is different, and everyone progresses (or regresses) through multitudes of cycles of various lengths, of which the energy may or may not be conducive to the fulfillment of their goals. Spiritually speaking, the goal is often less important than what is learned through attempting to fulfill the goal.

3. Your compatibility with others is reflected largely by your karmic blueprint and timing, which holds the keys to how you knew each other in the past, what needs to be learned this time, and more.

Everyone of significance in your life has an enduring cosmic link to you and you’ve likely spent time with them in multiple past lives, in various roles. How you get along now is a sign to how things were back then.

All three can be discerned in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts and, or an intuitive reading, and handwriting analysis can be used to uncover subconscious character.

Perhaps the reason why these concepts are over-looked so frequently is because it’s complicated enough to deal with this life without seriously contemplating the spiritual reasons for life’s dilemmas.

But life becomes less complicated as you learn more about who you really are and your journey this time around. All the unimportant stuff melts away as you align yourself with your highest path and you can then capitalize on your timing to make the most of your life.

We readily agree that your attitude and proactive behavior can take you far, but there’s so much more to it than that, in our view.

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